Firstly, I'd just like to say thanks to every region for supporting both 4Seasons Gaming and the Oceanic scene for the last 8+ years. It's not easy being so segregated from Europe and North America all the time but we made it work with what we had. We always try our best to put on an enjoyable show for everyone. Most people just know me as the guy who runs Australian/New Zealand Quake tournaments but I was a player too :) Thanks to Camma, Fraze, Samityr (qhat) and Ventz for being great team mates as well as giving me the opportunity to play and enjoy Quake Live at a high level. To our Australian/New Zealand community thanks for being apart of the scene and being worthy competitors/contributors. I also would like to thank my two favorite CTF players for inspiration of my fully sick plays, Linkje and Draven.

I hope to see most of you playing and supporting Quake Champions also!

youtube preview

For the video, I've stripped back the rawness of Quake as far as I could get it while still keeping it appealing to outsiders also. The point of the video is not to be impressed by my low LG accuracy or my jumpy frantic movement. It's to enjoy and pay respects to the Quake (3/Live) most of us came from/remember. Hopefully you can all enjoy the journey!
I've made some dot points of subtle moments in the video that can go a long way to improving your own CTF game. For people who play a lot probably already know most of this stuff anyway

[1:17] - I check regen because I know the time and people often like to be there if enemy has quad to gaunt/rocket them from a position where the Quad has little room to utilise the rail/lg quad range in a fight
[2:17] - It's not well shown here and a i botched the jump a little but I RJ'd out of that fight + medkit
[2:44] - Another RJ medkit combo
[2:58] - Calling for a team mate to push out any possible MG damage, lucky enemy chose grens though
[3:02] - Left the flag up on purpose, really great tactic for baiting out a "safe flag room". Often flag carriers will think base is safe if the flag is still up, luring them into a false sense of security
[3:37] - Back pedal to bait out the rail shot, amazed he lived that quad shot
[3:45] - Yes i hit the rail to kill the FC dont know why it looks like a rocket from that angle :(
[3:54] - Always spam that corridor coming back with the flag, 100%! Nothing to lose but a few rocket ammo
[4:27] - Medkit again, also i decide to take teleport exit because i dont want to take the disadvantaged rail gun fight. Although my opponent should have got a teleport rail on me there decides to gauntlet maybe very low hp
[4:46] - I want red so badly ofcourse, but my team mate is in position to attack so i have to just suck it up and go
[5:00] - Rocket jump because 2 mates on the high ground, even if i die here (i was low i believe around 70ish)
[5:16] - Killed myself to respawn with a fresh stack ofcourse
[5:27] - Not sure if mistake or on purpose now, but I overjump the archway to dodge typical rocket spam. Also you can't really see but I'm spamming crouch mid jump to reduce my hitbox
[5:35] - Probably a bit too early but I shoot a rocket there because they just took our flag
[6:06] - I see that the guy with RG on stairs is being patient and not commiting to a rocket vs RG fight there. So I go into flight mode.
[6:10] - You can't really tell, but again i crouch to reduce my hitbox (i was railable there)
[6:20] - Intentional back pedal to YA but lucky rail miss :P
[6:24] - Was not trying to RJ there but spam the corridor. I can't get away here without taking the fight so see what happens[/q]
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