Bethesda announced a new update for Quake Champions. The servers will go down for maintenance at 10:00 UTC, 27 Jun 2017, the developers are expecting a "longer than average server downtime". The most notable changes of this update are reduced latency in firing rocket/nail projectiles, a new abilities for Clutch, and the introduction of best of 5 rounds for duels. Check the full patch notes below.

  • Fixed the projectile delay, greatly reducing the latency between firing the weapon and the rocket/nail projectile appearing (image above)
  • Reduced frequency of pings in Datacenter Selection UI. This should help players who were seeing no available datacenters, or pings that were too high
  • We've made improvements to prevent player disconnects

  • Burial Chamber: Fixed an issue where a section of the lava pool wouldn’t cause damage
  • Burial Chamber: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck performing a Rocket Jump into a wall in the Side Alcove
  • Corrupted Keep and Blood Run now available in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes!
  • Corrupted Keep: Fixed various collision issues
  • Lockbox: Improved performance
  • Lockbox: Fixed an issue where users were are able to get stuck in the mega health room

  • Anarki: Injection ability now gives an additional +1 hp to max health instead of 2%.
  • BJ Blazkowicz: Fixed an issue where the healing pool could be abused
  • BJ Blazkowicz: Fixed an issue where rockets were fired from only one launcher while using his active ability
  • Clutch has a new passive! Clutch can dodge when the player presses the strafe button twice. Works both on ground and in the air
  • Clutch: Press the ability key a second time while the Barrier is enabled to lower the shield and activate the Mining Drill, a 3-second laser
  • Clutch: Fixed an issue where projectiles could freeze in the air after hitting Clutch’s Barrier
  • Slash: Fixed her invisible trail DOT
  • Sorlag: Acid Spit reduced from 30 to 25 dmg

  • Shotgun: Changed pellet damage from 3 to 4, such that point blank shots increased from 60 to 80 dmg
  • Nailgun: Changed rate of fire from 100 to 70 ms, resulting in an increase of 100 to 133 dps
  • Heavy Machinegun: Changed damage from 9 to 10, but decreased the rate of fire from 75 to 100, resulting in a decrease of 120 to 100 dps
  • Heavy Machinegun (zoomed): Changed damage from 10 to 15, but with a greatly decreased rate of fire from 80 to 200 ms, resulting in a decrease of 150 to 75 dps, but with a much smaller more accurate spread. In summary: Zoomed HMG now does less dps, but is very accurate, making it less than ideal in the beginning of a fight, but great for finishing off weak opponents.
  • Super Nailgun: Changed damage from 12 to 20, and decreased the rate of fire 80 to 100 ms, resulting in an increase from 150 to 200 dps
  • Super Nailgun: Tweaked impulse values to make nailclimbing easier
  • Tri-bolt: Fixed an issue where the weapon didn’t show animated firing effects in 1st person when you’re being shot at after quickly swapping to the weapon
  • Tri-bolt: Explosion delay added for when projectiles hit an enemy
  • Tri-bolt: Direct Damage is now 10 dmg before exploding…
  • Tri-bolt: …and Explosive Damage is 40 dmg, for each bolt.

  • Duels matches are now Best of 5 Rounds, instead of Bo3. (In the future this will be a customizable option in Custom Game.)
  • Lobby: There are now only two columns on screen before the start of the draft. After the draft starts, 4 more columns will appear
  • Fixed an issue when in the Duel lobby, the amount of players may overlap other UI elements
  • Nicknames and the map name will now persist throughout the draft and voting stages

  • Updated Sacrifice HUD integrated
  • New POI for soul integrated
  • Cooldown timer for the soul spawn point is integrated
  • Soul will now be placed in Obelisk when the soul carrier enters the capture zone. Players can no longer throw the soul in to capture an Obelisk!
  • Fixes for various issues where the soul could clip through the floor
  • Fixes for various issues where the soul could get stuck in a level’s geometry
  • On-Screen effect for soul carrier integrated
  • Blue soul effect removed from carrier’s hands (1st person)

Custom Game
  • 1-Champion limit (per team) in Sacrifice. Sacrifice lobby will now have a system where players can only choose unique Champions before the game starts. Champions picked by one player become unavailable to another. (In the future this will be a customizable option in Custom Game.)
  • Fixes for synchronization in custom game lobby: The game will react faster in a custom game lobby when a time-unlocked Champion expires, or when a player ups the amount of Champions to 3 while in Duel lobby
  • Champions that haven’t been purchased will not appear in a custom game roster
  • Fixed issue Missing Info for the map and game mode on Sacrifice Draft

  • Main Menu music will become quieter when tutorial screen is opened
  • Dropdowns are no longer overlapping pop ups and notifications
  • Lootboxes: Fixed an issue where shadows of floor pieces persisted on the screen
  • Lootboxes: Fixed an issue where there were no zoom in option for lootbox dropped items
  • “Play Now” button now has “Launching Server” and “Connecting to server” messaging for better communication
  • Removed % from post-match scoreboard and battle report

  • Fixed an issue where the announcer countdown wasn’t in sync with the visual countdown
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t pick up armor shards/soul before the bounce animation ended
  • The round time now counts up instead of down
  • Overtime counter is now red to distinguish it from the normal up time
  • Fixed issues with jump pad active zones misplacement
  • Fixed an issue where players could spawn facing the wall
  • Fixed an issue when players could move while TAB is pressed on the death screen
  • Fixed issue when firing lightning gun and moving through the teleport obscures player's vision momentarily
  • Fixed an issue where Rocket Launcher projectiles didn’t have end effect when hitting an ally

  • Soul pickup/placement sound integrated
  • Obelisk explosion sound integrated
  • Railgun now has a charge sound while in zoom
  • Railgun zoom in/out sound integrated
  • Integrated teleport in/out sound
  • Sound radius for pickups decreased from 50 to 40 meters

  • Added toggle for “Follow Killer” cam
  • Added toggle for “Follow Player with Power-up” cam
  • Added toggle for “Follow Soul Carrier” cam
  • Hot Key hint for toggles panel integrated
  • Health/Armor bars integrated in Duel Spectator HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator saw the ability icon instead of the soul icon when spectating on the soul carrier
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator saw Galena’s totems as red
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator saw a death screen while players were on the Champion selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator had no post-match sequence or final scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue when spectator could be left in a lobby for the second match

Source: Bethesda