In cooperation with id Software and Bethesda, ESL is excited to be a part of the resurgence of Quake eSports. As one of the original eSports titles, the newly released Quake Champions will revitalize competition for the classic gothic-style first person shooter with the $1,000,000 Quake World Champions. Duel (1v1) and Sacrifice (4v4) competitions will kick off this June and culminate in a live Finals at QuakeCon from August 24-27, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

Quake World Championships

Online qualifiers for the Quake World Championships begin in just a few weeks for competitors worldwide. After battling through qualifiers this June and Regional Finals in August, eight Sacrifice teams and 24 Duel players will travel to the Finals event at QuakeCon 2017. Eight additional Duel players will be selected from the QuakeCon BYOC Qualifier.

Players in Russia and Asia will play in EU qualifiers, players in the Americas and Australia will play in NA qualifiers. Competitors should register by visiting Complete rules and eligibility requirements can be found online.

The full schedule for the Quake World Championships is as follows:

Online Qualifiers for Duel Competitors:

Online Qualifiers for 4v4 Sacrifice:

Regional Finals - Duel:
  • EU Regionals (Online): August 5
  • NA Regionals (Online): August 5

Regional Finals - Sacrifice:
  • EU Regionals (Leicester, UK): August 6
  • NA Regionals (Burbank, CA): August 6

Finals (QuakeCon, Dallas Texas):
  • BYOC Duel Qualifying Tournament: August 24
  • Finals: August 24-26


Source: ESL