This year's E3 will feature eSports competition as well. The competition will be organized by the ESL and it marks the first Quake competition run by ESL since the Intel Extreme Masters V in 2011.

The Quake Champions part of the competition and dev talk will be held over 2 days, Wednesday, Jun 14th and Thursday, Jun 15th. The competition will feature North American and European pro gamers going at each other. Seeing how folks at id stated that Sacrifice will be the eSports mode, it's likely that they'll do an NA vs EU showmatch.

UPDATE 10/06 20:00 UTC: According to Skewed n' Reviewed newspost, the event will showcase Quake Champions competitive gameplay in both the classic test of individual skill — Duel mode — and the new 4v4 team-based competitive mode, Sacrifice The pros will face off against each other in showcase matches, play “Pros vs Joes” games against E3 attendees in Duel and alongside them in team games, and even take it to the game’s creators, id Software.

Speaking about the participants for showmatch, North American Team Liquid featuring rapha, DaHanG, id_, AZK will play fazz, stermy, toxjq, noctis. Games will be streamed on official Quake Champions channel.

Sources: ESL Gaming, Skewed n' Reviewed