I recently discovered pick up games (PUGs for short) and I find playing in a group much more enjoyable than playing by myself. PUGs have been around since the original Unreal Tournament was released, but they have never gained the popularity that they deserves. I have written this guide with the hope of introducing new players to PUGs to make the process less confusing for them. This is an in-depth guide, and if you find that off-putting, TickleMeElmo has created a two minute video for newcomers that sums up what PUGs and PUG'ing is all about.

youtube preview
Pick Up Game Video Tutorial

I will keep this guide updated and ask that you suggest any appropriate improvements/changes. please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether it be a request for additional content OR you think there could be more helpful images OR you disagree with something I've written, etc... all feedback is welcome ;).