Owned Well is pleased to announce their very first UT4 Pre-Alpha Tournament: CTF Factions. The premise of the tournament is that people will be able to form their own teams however their will be some restrictions in place to prevent stacked teams. We will be running tournaments with no restrictions as the playerbase grows. The FACTIONS tournament will mirror the same format as the FACTIONS tournaments for UT99.

The player pool is a lot smaller and ranking players might be difficult however it is a task that we are willing to undertake. We will be looking for a minimum of 8 teams however we would be more than happy to extend the bracket to accommodate for 16 teams. FACTIONS/Drafts/Whatever are great for old games and new games. In the near future, we are hoping to run tournaments with no restrictions on teams however in the infancy of the game, it will be important to distribute talent.

Join the tournament, get rated and then either join or form a team.
Sunday October 25th, 2015. The tournament will tentatively start at 4pm EST. It is a one day tournament and we will use a single elimination bracket.
You must have at least three pugs played in icon_irc #ut4pugs (globalgamers) to be eligible to play in this tournament and your rating will be determined by active players and admins. It is the first tournament and we will do our best to assess skill levels as best as we can.

Miscellaneous Information:
  • We will be aiming for a minimum of 8 teams however we can extend the bracket to allow for a play-in round earlier in the day.
  • Team signups will be first come first serve.
  • The maplist will likely be: Azcanize, Cynosure, Grendelkeep, Pistola, TitanPass and the matches will be bo3.
  • The games will be played on the OwnedWell NA East server however we will be running European tournaments as well in the near future.

Links: Sign Up