With help of icon_ut community, mouz|w)v and ESL are organizing a TDM Community Cup Europe! Featuring 7 shuffled similarly skilled teams who will compete over several weeks in a round robin group, playing each other once. The technical part of the tournament will be on ESL.
Teams will be expected to play 2 matches per week in order to finish cup in 3 weeks, with fixed maps per match (Bo3).

Flikswich will be doing a fragmovie based on frags from this tournament. He prepared a video explaining how to send him frags:
youtube preview

You can find Flikswich on the icon_discord Discord server created especially for TDM players.
Also, if you wish to join the cup as a substitute, feel free to join and contact mouz|w)v.

Community casters fjaru, rePete and mouz|frag^m will do both own PoV streaming and shoutcasting of other matches so if you don't want to miss a stream, make sure you follow them on icon_twitch Twitch!