The Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Duel Spring League 2017 Europe is coming to it's end. Out of 8 qualified players for the league's groupstage, the best 4 qualified for playoffs!

The league's main shoutcaster, mouz|frag^m wrote a few paragraphs about the groupstage:
The group stage of the ESL UT Duel Spring League 2017 included some very interesting match-ups and created an even more interesting play-offs bracket.

In group A, we saw cup-favorite mouz | dylan as well as mouz | znatch fighting for the number 1 spot. In their match, both players were reaching for win: After a 2:2 draw in maps, the decider map was one znatch did not seem too comfortable at. The community agreed with the casters that a more practiced map might have lead to a different outcome. Both mouz players made it to the playoffs, convincingly beating SzarkaN and reav on the way.

Group B seemed to have a clear favorite, Aco. For rePete, Sulaco and kiNEX it was clear that only 1 of them would advance to the playoffs next to Aco (who's matches were scheduled after all the other players had their playdays). First, rePete lost his two games against kiNEX and Sulaco and, hence, was unable to advance. Then Sulaco was struggling against kiNEX and even dropped out of the competition to focus on Quake Champions. And last but not least, Aco dropped out of the tournament due to sickness. Suddenly, rePete was back in the game and will now advance to the playoffs alongside kiNEX who, despite showing some rustiness earlier in the tournament, pulled off some amazing matches. Talking about a comeback, rePete!

I'm really looking forward to be casting the playoffs. kiNEX seems strong at this point, so the Swedish headshot king mouz | znatch won't have an easy semi-finals. mouz | dylan in the other bracket seems to have an opponent in rePete, who not only is a strong dueler but might also have a lucky streak. And everyone knows: luck is a skill!

Playoffs will be played on Tuesday 30th May 2017 and Wednesday 31st May 2017 evening.

17:00 UTC, 30 May 2017 - mouz|znatch vs kiNEX
18:00 UTC, 30 May 2017 - mouz|dylan vs rePete
17:00 UTC, 31 May 2017 - 3rd place decider
18:00 UTC, 31 May 2017 - Grand finals

All matches will be shoutcasted by mouz|frag^m and Zaccubus on icon_twitch Twitch.

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