UT Pre-Alpha Spring League 2017 Europe Groupstage is ready to be played. All matches will be streamed by Zaccubus and mouz|frag^m!

Qualified players are:


And here is the schedule:
4th May 2017 - Thursday
18:30 UTC znatch vs dylan

6th May 2017 - Saturday
17:00 UTC Szarkan vs dylan
17:50 UTC reav vs dylan

8th May 2017 - Monday
17:30 UTC znatch vs reav
18:20 UTC rePete vs kiNEX
19:10 UTC rePete vs sulaco

11th May 2017 - Thursday
17:30 UTC Szarkan vs reav
18:20 UTC znatch vs Szarkan
19:10 UTC sulaco vs kiNEX

14th May 2017 - Sunday
15:00 UTC sulaco vs ACo-
15:50 UTC rePete vs ACo-
16:40 UTC kiNEX vs ACo-

List of matches and associated casters.

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