The icon_rflx Reflex Race World Cup 2018 has come to an end. Congratulations to the champion _night.

icon_cup_gold _night
icon_cup_silver breaker
icon_cup_bronze Komier

THANKS to all who participated one way or another: racers, mappers, organizers, streamers, and spectators. The Reflex.Racing group is planning to host some smaller events in the near future. Stay tuned!

Details: Full Rankings, VODs, Rounds Results

RRWC 2018 Maps:
  • Round 1 (RRWC18-1 (Sewers) by lolograde)
  • Round 2 (RRWC18-2 (Station 5) by ish)
  • Round 3 (RRWC18-3 (rr_smile4) by Smilecythe)
  • Round 4 (RRWC18-4 Vurdigrenda by Jane)
  • Round 5 (RRWC18-5 (Helicity) by Donny / Ultra)
  • Round 6 (RRWC18-6 (Cloister) by Sharqosity)
  • Round 7 (RRWC18-7 (rek-Rash) by rekk0r)
  • Round 8 (RRWC18-8 (blackpudding) by benje)