The highly anticipated update 1.2 of icon_rflx Reflex Arena has been released for the one year anniversary of the game, as announced on the official forum.

The most important changes are the following :
  • The better integration of custom rulesets. This allows players to create a ruleset configuration file to load in a server. Then the ruleset can simply be voted just like base ones (casual & competitive), and the active ruleset is displayed in the servers list.
  • The creation of the Reflex Forge that enables players to create and share their own skins for the game. Players are now able to edit weapons skins and submit them in a curated workshop. Find more information on the Forge's documentation page.
  • A filter system for custom addons in competitive games. It prevents certain aspects of the gameplay from being changed (such as armors pickup sounds for example) in order to keep the game fair for every players, and prevent cheating.
  • New map meshes, an improved game menu, the implementation of loot crates (selected custom skins from the curated workshop should then be found in these crates).

On top of that : new weapon skins...

and robot skins !

Last but not least, the update includes new art for the map Abandoned Shelter by def.

See full change log below for more details.

  • Luchador Head
  • Lunk Head
  • Knight Head
  • Horned Head
  • Goat Head
  • Knight Torso
  • Knight Legs
  • Knight Arms
  • Speed Legs
  • Tech Shield
  • Barricade Shield
  • Berserker Shield

  • Radiant Burstgun
  • Winter Camo Burstgun
  • Polygonal Burstgun
  • Black Honeycomb Burstgun
  • Neon Grunge Burstgun
  • Radiant Shotgun
  • Winter Camo Shotgun
  • Polygonal Shotgun
  • Black Honeycomb Shotgun
  • District Shotgun
  • Radiant Grenade Launcher
  • Winter Camo Grenade Launcher
  • Polygonal Grenade Launcher
  • Black Honeycomb Grenade Launcher
  • Scorcher Grenade Launcher
  • Radiant Plasma Rifle
  • Winter Camo Plasma Rifle
  • Polygonal Plasma Rifle
  • Black Honeycomb Plasma Rifle
  • Neon Plasma Rifle
  • Radiant Ion Cannon
  • Winter Camo Ion Cannon
  • Polygonal Ion Cannon
  • Black Honeycomb Ion Cannon
  • Unit Ion Cannon
  • Radiant Rocket Launcher
  • Winter Camo Rocket Launcher
  • Polygonal Rocket Launcher
  • Black Honeycomb Rocket Launcher
  • Carbon Rocket Launcher
  • Radiant Boltrifle
  • Winter Camo Boltrifle
  • Polygonal Boltrifle
  • Black Honeycomb Boltrifle
  • Prototype Boltrifle

  • Abandoned Shelter (DP4) has had an official art pass
  • tyre
  • pallet
  • garbage bag
  • traffic cone
  • more cable variations
  • standard signage font
  • bench

  • Implemented new menu flow
  • Implemented crates
  • Implemented skins
  • Implemented forge
  • Implemented custom rulesets
  • Thumbnails now baked in game rather than generated on load (to reduce VRAM usage)
  • Implemented texture streaming, r_texture_memory_stream_cache controls cache size seen as "Texture Stream Cache" in settings

Custom rulesets:
  • Added ability to load separate .cfg file for each ruleset (eg ruleset_frag.cfg)
  • gconst_ cvar's now always exposed and attached to active ruleset
  • callvote ruleset will report on client list of available rulesets
  • Added gconst_stakelauncher_enabled cvar
  • Added ruleset column in server browser

Purity checks:
  • Asset system will now (silently) ignore assets that are modified but not allowed to be
  • Assets in internal_skins/weapons/* are not allowed to be modified
  • Prevent megaspawn & megacooldown sounds from being modified
  • Prevent armor pickup sounds from being modified
  • .ttf fonts can now hot-update
  • .wav files can now hot-update

  • Updated megahealth expire sound
  • Accuracy / stats are now hidden from players during game
  • Increased r_gamma range from 1.4 -> 3, to 1.4 -> 4
  • r_lm_clear / r_lm_build now only available in editor mode

Links : Official announcement, icon_discord Reflex Arena discord, icon_steam Reflex Arena Steam page