The icon_rflx Reflex Arena Monthly Cup EU#1 is coming up very soon : Sunday, December 17 at 17:00 CET.
There are still a few free slots, so don't wait any longer to sign-up!

Some experienced players are already involved, notably Ramagan the winner of the Custom Ruleset Tournament [EU]. Some players will try to challenge his supremacy : Gaiia and LKO who did well in the Reflex Monthly Cup NA#1 despite a high ping, but also Vigur and xLuftwaffel (top 8 Custom Ruleset Tournament [EU]). So, definitely some interesting match ups to watch.

youtube preview

Starting time : Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 17:00 CET
Stream : icon_twitch ArenaFPS
Bracket : icon_challonge RMC EU#1 Brackets
Sign-up : icon_challonge RMC EU#1 sign-up
Communication : icon_discord RMC Discord
Current prizepool : matcherino RMC EU#1
Complete information to be found on the official forum.

You can contribute to the prizepool of next events by donating on Matcherino: Also, in order for Reflex Monthly Cups to be sustainable many more tournament admins are needed. It will not be feasible to continue to run the cups without more help. If you are interested, please contact @Ramagan#3970 on icon_discord discord.