The first icon_rflx Reflex Arena Monthly Cup (NA) is coming up very soon : Sunday, December 3 at 02:00 PM EDT (UTC-4).
The tournament has roused the interest of players, since the 32 slots are already nearly filled.
Notably, some experienced players will participate such as : Necrophag1st, Dazed Spartan and Gaiia.

There are a few updates to be noticed as well :
  • Thanks to the generosity of donors, the prize pool goes from 50 USD to 75 USD.
  • Each month, the winner will earn an exclusive weapon designed for the occasion by the dev team.
  • The ruleset that will be used for the tournament is now a part of the game, so that participants do not need to use a previous version as previously announced.

You can contribute to the prizepool of next events by donating on Matcherino: Starting time : Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 02:00 PM EDT (UTC-4)
Stream : icon_twitch Delementary
Bracket : icon_challonge RMC NA#1 Brackets
Sign-up : icon_challonge RMC NA#1 sign-up
Communication : icon_discord RMC Discord
Current prizepool : matcherino RMC NA#1
Complete information to be found on the official forum.