since today the balance script of MinQLX is getting a Connection Refused response when trying to fetch elo ratings for players.

Here is the python error message I see in the minqlx.log:
requests.packages.urllib3.exceptions.MaxRetryError: HTTPConnectionPool(host='qlstats.net', port=8080): Max retries exceeded with url: /elo_b/76561198113678340+76561198256460146+76561198012280264+76561198274220685+76561198179040655+76561198258103282+76561198142321782+76561198007379863+76561198238440856+76561198198864623+76561198257701021+76561198308867007 (Caused by NewConnectionError('<requests.packages.urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x7f78f068ec18>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused',))

I noticed that qlstats was down a couple of times in the last days, so I guess the question is has the api been shutdown on purpose or is there still something wrong?