Update: This event has been rescheduled to 20th November 2022, starting at 22:00 UTC

Showdown 1 is the first event in a new series from the icon_cpma #uscpmpickup Discord Server where the winner of the two previous tournaments face each other off in a special event. In our previous two tournaments, the winners were crowned as the Number One, and Number Two on the server, and now these two players will face each other for the Number One mantle. The two players have agreed on a time and date, and will play in a best-of-nine, picking maps strictly from the the tournaments they had gained their position. The winner of this event will attain the Number One position — the undisputed best player on the server. This position can only be challenged by future Number Two.

The event will take place on Sunday, 20th November 2022, starting at 22:00 UTC, and will be streamed on icon_twitch xerosawyer.

Player Profiles


Our current Number One, santile, hails from Spain and is undoubtedly the best dueler in the CPM scene right now. He gained the Number One title by winning the first CPM Duel Cup hosted by the #uscpmpickup Discord in emphatic fashion, making a perilous run through the lower bracket. He was knocked out of the upper bracket in that tournament by his current opponent drugstoner, a loss he would go on to avenge, and then take out some of the best North American duelers by methodically choking them out of the map. His combination of item control, sound decision making, experience, and unorthodox movement makes him the heavy favourite coming into this match.

The Number Two on the server, drugstoner, is an American dueler who is relatively new on the scene but has quickly built himself a reputation for being a high damage, high risk, high reward player, annihilating his opponents when given the chance. He became the Number Two after solidly winning the second CPM Duel Cup hosted by the #uscpmpickup Discord, and looks to avenge his loss from the first cup against santile. He is the only player to have beaten santile in a BO3 and will need to regain that form when he faces off against the Spaniard on Sunday. He will rely one his strong hitscan aim and aggressive playstyle help him overcome his adversary.

Event Information

Event Particulars
  • Date & Time: 20th November 2022 @ 22:00 UTC
  • Mode: Duel (1V1)
  • Match Format: BO9

Map Picks
  • cpm3b
  • gt1
  • cpm15
  • cpm22
  • evolution
  • cpm24
  • thct2a
  • sodab10
  • calendar_v6

Links: icon_discord #uscpmpickup Discord Server, icon_twitch Stream