TimConLAN will be hosting the Christmas ProMode Arena on December 13, 2020 starting on 12:00 UTC.This will be a duel cup utilizing a double elimination format with a BO3 upper bracket, BO1 lower bracket, and BO5 Grand Final.

Registration is open to all players, and players can sign up by joining the icon_discord TimConLAN Discord and by registering on icon_challonge Challonge.

Map Pool: cpm3b, cpm15, cpm22, cpm24, evolution, Fata Morgana & wingsb19.

The prizepool for this tournament is currently at 470 USD, and you can donate by messaging panikborke#7405 on Discord.

Links: icon_cpma www.playmorepromode.com, icon_discord TimConLAN Discord, icon_challonge Sign Up, icon_twitch TimConLAN