The CPMA Community is hosting a CPMA 2v2 League. The tournament format is two stage tournament, with a round robin group stage and single elimination play-off with BO3 bracket, and BO5 Grand Finals.

Registration will be open from September 12th, 18:00 CET till September 26th, 18:00 CET, 2020. Games will commence on September 28th. To register please join the icon_discord CPMA Discord Server and message @neverGreen#3910 for a participant role.

The map pool is cpm16, cpm25, cpm29, The Hot Place, Left Behind, vitriol (cpm32_b1) and xfdm2.

Please check out the bracket in the links below for more cup information and rules.

Meat Harpoon - veliars & Gizma
Me&Him - santile & neverGreen
#blackclocksmatter - s4vo & Kimi|AHK
kimchi - DEZ & cholli
PEKA5 - phi & nixon
Re Tx - Recluse & Trox
Straightjackets - Yoman & Smofo
FINNSTACK - gaiia & ahxnxa
Well Behaved - kane & rokky
Powerslaves - Leshaka & P4rty Maker
Extraterrestrials - dni & LuGia
Albanian mafia - mrk & panikborke
Rocket entertainment - terrybad & gladiu

Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_cpma CPMA Official Website, icon_challonge Bracket & Rules, icon_twitch Tournament stream