Based off the results of a specific NA survey given out to some players, it is time for this year's 2nd NA only event(NA Players & NA Servers). An NA Duel Cup was one of the options that received some of the top votes. So here goes something.

On August 25, 2019 starting at 00:00 UTC, with a 1 hour prior check-in, we'll be hosting NA Dream Cup! The format is going to be just like the previous Kenya Cup we just had, double elimination bracket, with a BO3 upper bracket, BO1 lower bracket(with the final match being a BO3), and BO5 Grand Finals.

In the future we may have more NA duel cups, so hopefully this first one will let us know to see how it goes and what we can do to improve.

Register: Players must icon_discord join the CPMA Discord Server & register via icon_challonge Challonge. Please message Magikarp(@Magikarp#1497) or pan1c(@pan1c#0003) on Discord to be given the tournament role and be added to the cup.

The map pool will be cpm3a, cpm22, darkztn, fatamorgana_b5 and sodab7.

Download: Complete Map Pack
Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_cpma CPMA Offical Website, icon_challonge Bracket, icon_twitch Stream