With the release of CPMA 1.52 & CNQ3 1.51, let's start off this update with this year's first NA only event(NA Players & NA Servers)! I know our NA players have been waiting and desiring for an event for a while and we definitely plan and hope to be able to do some more this year. So for now, we're gonna start it off easy and hope we can get some more cups in.

On April 20, 2019 starting at 00:00 UTC, with a 1 hour prior check-in, we'll be hosting NA Amphi Cup! Now it's not going to be only amphi, the cup is going to be more about amphi-esque or deathmatch/aim typey sort of maps to make it more interesting, so we'll be adding 2 more to the mix. The format is going to be just like our past duel cups, double elimination bracket, with a BO3 upper bracket, BO1 lower bracket, and BO5 Grand Finals. The BO5 will work by having the winner of the cointoss pick the first map, and the loser of each map from then one will pick the next map to play until a player reaches 3 wins.

In the future we may have more amphi cups, so hopefully this first one will let us know to see how it goes and what we can do to improve.

Register: Players must icon_discord join the CPMA Discord Server & register via icon_challonge Challonge. Please message Magikarp(@Magikarp#1497) on Discord to be given the tournament role and be added to the cup.

The map pool will be q3amphi, fd-b2, and brdmm1_b2.

Credits to Rain, fun, miles, and morgoth for helping to be in the picture.

Download: Complete Map Pack
Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_cpma CPMA Offical Website, icon_challonge Bracket, icon_twitch Stream