icon_cpma The Promode Team have released the latest update to the CPMA modification, bring it up to version 1.51. This will be the first of many smaller incremental updates that we will see coming out of for the mod. This version includes a series of additions, changes and bug fixes, which continue to bring the mod up to modern standards. You can download CPMA 1.51 from here.

As always, if you would like to play CPMA, please get the documents from icon_cpma, and join the icon_discord CPMA Discord.

Change Log

  • /forfeit to concede defeat in 1v1 or HM.
  • ch_hiddenElements <string> (default: "") is a space-separated list of SuperHUD elements to hide. this includes custom elements (PreDecorate and PostDecorate) and they can be specified individually, example: PreDecorate3 is the third PreDecorate element of the currently loaded HUD config. hud_hide will add to this list and hud_show will remove from this list example: ch_hiddenElements "Score_NME Score_OWN" hides scores irrespective of the loaded HUD config.
  • the LocalTime SuperHUD element displays the local time in the "hh:mm" format.

  • the Chat1-8 SuperHUD elements behave the same as in 1.48 (no con_notifytime/cl_noprint filtering).
  • the PowerUpXX_Icon SuperHUD elements will now display holdable items too and the number of PowerUp* SuperHUD element slots was raised from 4 to 8.
  • the "kill" command is now disabled in the following scenarios:
    • CA DA FTAG -> disabled during rounds and countdowns.
    • CTFS HM -> disabled during rounds.
  • StatusBar_ArmorIcon isn't visible with 0 armor (like StatusBar_ArmorCount and StatusBar_ArmorBar).
  • in OT pauses, the clock will no longer show the total time elapsed since the first OT started.

  • the UI's mouse sensitivity slider now works with CNQ3.
  • leaving a HM match in progress during the countdown of round 2+ wouldn't forfeit.
  • the following "items" arguments would fail in a mode script: "-5H", "-25", "-50", "-5A".
  • parts of the vote system were stuck on version 1.47. In addition to the 1.48 changes, non-speconly'd spectators can now vote on:
    • referee and unreferee items in all game modes (1.48: all modes except 1v1 and HM).
    • any item in Duel Arena.
  • in the server browser, the server selection now survives rescans and sort key changes.
  • /mvd and /autorecord were creating the same demo name over and over (date/time of last match start).
  • cg_autoAction demo recording not happening after /autorecord or /mvd was used.
  • combined map + mode changes would make clients lose their session data (ref, speconly, etc).
  • the forfeiting player can now talk to his opponent during intermission with mutespecs enabled.
  • the SuperHUD element AmmoMessage now works in multi-view mode.
  • the scoreboard flash that happened right before respawning after a DA round loss.
  • "Invalid vote in PassVote: windelay" warning in DA and HM.
  • the following commands would crash when run at the server's console (or through rcon): name<red|blue>, coach<red|blue>, remove.
  • the duration of the countdown of the first round in CA is now "warmup" seconds.
  • set the win delays of CA, DA and HM back to what they were in 1.48.
  • no longer starting demo recording in DA through cg_autoAction.
  • no longer displaying "all players ready" in FFA and DA.
  • players spawning at the end of round countdowns instead of the start in CA and DA.
  • the wrong custom game mode could sometimes be loaded when one's name was the prefix of another e.g. "PUBCTFS" instead of "PUBCTF".
  • fullbright player models now work with NTF.
  • callvotes for unregistered maps now get immediately rejected.
  • ch_drawKeys 2 wasn't displaying in zoomed (multi-)view.
  • HM round countdown missing.
  • the clock was frozen at 0:00 in sudden death overtimes.

Links: icon_cpma, icon_discord CPMA Discord