Next week I am going to host a European 1V1 cup. All games will take place on European/Russian servers.

The event will be held on April 21, 2018, starting at 16:00 UTC. Check-in in an hour before the start. The cup will utilize a double elimination format, with all games (upper and lower bracket) being BO3 and the Grand Final being BO5. You can register via icon_challonge Challonge.

Map Pool: cpm15, cpm24, darkztn, evolution, pukka3tourney4
Map Selection: One of players calls a vote cv random 2h/t, and the loser of cointoss picks map first. Pick order: pick, pick, drop, drop. Grand Final order: pick, pick, pick, pick.

Stream: icon_twitch nekonTV
Links: icon_cpma playmorepromode, icon_challonge Challonge