Crickers Lad is a new Promode movie by Profanum. Featuring some dizzying frags, clean editing, and a touch of humor, this movie should have you spilling your Dr. Pepper all over your keyboard.

youtube preview

  • Profanum
  • dogtime
  • Dorinos
  • izalith
  • JS3
  • slitwrists
  • Stormpegy
  • ultra
  • myT
  • ZTK
  • Glenn Hughes -- Burn
  • Deep Purple -- Gettin Tighter
  • Deep Purple -- Mistreated
  • The CPMA team old and new.
  • myT for his tools and general wizadry/advice.
  • The lads in OAFPS.
  • QHAT for the servers.
  • ZTK for the cups and keeping it loopy.
  • Bevdog for the CPM wallpaper in the opening sequence.
  • ZTK for his draft and df for refining the VB/Promode ending image.
  • Whiskey & Beer.

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