The second FFA Cup will take place on Sunday February 4, 2018. Games will b e starting at 16:00 UTC and registration will be going live an hour prior to the event starting.

Like the last cup, the tournament format will be double elimination, with maps being pre-determined by round. All registered players will be into two groups where they will play each other on three maps, and the winners, and losers and re-arranged into new groups, etc...

Players are awarded points based on their placement on each map, using the following point system:
  1. - 5.0 points
  2. - 4.0 points
  3. - 3.0 points
  4. - 2.0 points
  5. - 1.0 points
  6. - 0.5 points
Map Pool: Sanctum, Left Behind, xfdm2, !q3dm6ffa, !cpm17pu, bdm3_b4, !q3dm9ffa, q3dm15.
Stream: icon_twitch Leskhawsw