ZTKFPS announced their first long-term league, titled 'ZTKFPS Kenya.' This league will feature a series of different events every three-six weeks on non-standard (colloquially called "Kenya") duel maps for players in the Australian & New Zealand communities.

It's our zesty new community-focused tournament series focused on fun and variety.

Season 1 Information & Map Selection
  • CPMA Kenya turns into a regular event for players in the Oceanic region.
  • At the beginning of each series, a seven (7) map selection is announced.
  • A cup takes place every three-six weeks and contains three (3) maps from the selection. Participants are encouraged to play -- they vote on which map to remove for the next cup.
  • An admin will decide and make known before voting the pre-chosen map to bring in from the selection as a replacement.
  • If a map is present in four (4) consecutive cups, it is also removed.
  • After six cups, the entire selection is thrown out and replaced for the next season.
Admins: dogtime, phylum, ZTK
Season 1 Map Pool: Hektik, Fjo3tourney6, calendar, Fata Morgana, Quickfire, akumacpm1a, industrial (Balanced).

Cup #1

The first cup of the season will be played on 03:00 UTC. To register and play, please ZTKFPS via Challonge[/url] and join the icon_discord Oceanic AFPS Discord server. The events will be streamed on icon_twitch ZTKFPS with ZTK and Phylum casting, make sure to follow them on twitter icon_twitter @ZTKFPS.

Cup 1 Map Pool: Fjo3tourney6, calendar, Fata Morgana

Ocean AFPS

Note: A few words from ZTK.

A big thank you goes to all financial supporters of ZTKFPS tournaments. To this date, we've given out over 400 AUD in prize money to gamers over three games and two continents. We have an impressive CPMA 2v2 Ladder/league in the works going live in the coming weeks and would love any community contributions towards what is shaping up to become an incredible tournament.

Taking part is easy when you're a part of the Oceania AFPS Discord server - without a doubt the best place to find games and get into Quake. We've got the easiest and most active pickup system in the region and players of all skill levels to find 1v1, 2v2, CTF and more in multiple games - including Challenge ProMode Arena, QuakeWorld and Quake Champions!

If you'd like to donate, please do so icon_pluscoin via PayPal.

Stream: icon_twitch ZTKFPS
Links: icon_challonge Sign-up, icon_discord OAFPS Discord