This Saturday August 5, 2017 starting at 15:00 UTC we'll be hosting our very first triathlon cup. What is a triathlon cup? you ask? Well it's quite simple. Players will then be drafted into teams of three, and these teams will participate in three disciplines, earning points for their team. This will be a round-robin event, where teams will play every team once, in each of the disciplines. The team with the most amount of points at the end of the three disciplines will be crowned the winner.

Important: Games will begin one hour after the draft or 16:00 UTC.

  1. Join the icon_discord CPMA Discord Server.
  2. Message xero.

  1. Smofo (captain)
  2. santile (captain)
  3. pan1c
  4. cxe
  5. bisk
  6. chea
  7. iBruks (beginner)
  8. Magikarp
  9. Notrallon (beginner)
  10. s4vo
  11. Sharqosity
  12. decka
  13. Nutter
  14. Teju

CTFSPUB is a spin on the classic threewave mode where teams take turns attacking and defending flags. To win a map teams are required to score a minimum of 15 points after both teams have had a chance to attack. The caveat to this mode is that there no hitscan weapons available. Teams will flip a coin, the winner of which will pick their map first, and then the loser will pick their map. Teams will only play two maps. Winning a map will secure a team three points.

Maps Pool: ojfc-05, ojfc-14, q3wcp23
  • Freeze Tag
Freeze Tag is a simple game where instead of players dying, they are instead frozen when they have zero hitpoints, and can be unfrozen when their team-mates are standing next to them. When you freeze all members of the opposing team, your team is awarded a point. Teams will flip a coin, and winner will pick their map, and the loser will pick their map. Teams will only play two maps. Winning a map will secure a team three points.

Maps Pool: q3dm6, ninemil-dm2-b4, Trespass
  • Hooney Mode
Hooney Mode (ahem hello Quake Champions design team ;)) is a round based duel game where players select their spawn before a game starts. Once a game starts players will spawn at their selected spawn, until one of the players die. Once a player is dead, the game is reset, and player's spawn location will switch locations of the players are switched akin to tennis. Each player from each team will only be allowed to play one of the three maps per series, and the map order will always be the same. Players will be able to play their games simultaneously, and all three maps must be played. Winning a map will secure a player two points for their team.

Maps Pool: cpm22, Fjo3tourney6, Quickfire

Stream: icon_twitch nekonTV