Update: Congratulations to Lasker, as his five frag pummel on santile (Entry #9) was voted by the community as the best frag of the tournament. He wins 25.00 EUR, and santile gets 5.00 EUR. Thanks again Fjoggs!

Last Saturday we hosted the CPMA Kenya Cup and an interesting component of this cup was that there was a best frag reward given to the player for, you guessed it, the best frag. This idea was implemented and financed by long time Promoder Fjoggs who put produced all the video below. Now the community will be get to vote their favorite frag and determine who gets the prize money. Additionally Fjoggs put together these videos into a nice clean highlight package (which you can also find below).

Best Frag Competition Videos & Voting

This event had 25.00 EUR on the for the best frag of the cup, and overall nine frags/moments were selected. People now can cast their vote via strawpoll. The order below is the order of the videos in the playlist, and players can vote by simply selecting the corresponding number. Voting will close on Saturday July 15, 2017.Thank you!

  1. Lasker rocket vs Inhibitor on Quickfire
  2. santile/Freddian doublekill on Fata Morgana
  3. santile long range rocket vs Fjoggs on Dojo
  4. santile rails + nades vs Lasker on Calendar
  5. Nutter railsequence vs dcy on Quickfire
  6. Fjoggs plasmaclimb + 1x popup vs santile on Calendar
  7. Fjoggs quick rails vs santile on Calendar
  8. Fjoggs midair rocket vs Onion on Quickfire
  9. Lasker 5 hit pummel vs santile on Trespass

youtube preview
Best Frag Entrants


All of the above was stitched together with some nice effects, music and caster hype (mainly nekon) into a highlight package by, once again, Mr. Fjoggs. I think it would be worth while to watch it to the very end as there may or may not be a hint about a CTF Draft Cup happening soon :)

youtube preview
CPMA Kenya Cup Highlights

Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_pluscoin Strawpoll