Hey there! We at gLeagues want to thank everyone for helping us achieve a very successful Season One, and it's now time for the finals! The finals will be played out in a two day semifinal/final cup with brackets and seeds. The top eight qualified players are invited to play in the cup, and the winner will receive a 75 USD Prize, and the second place finisher will receive a $25 Prize.

The Semifinal day will start at 17:00 UTC, 27 May 2017, with the Grand Final being at 17:00 UTC, 03 Jun 2017.

The qualified players are:
  1. Kwong
  2. gellehsak
  3. santile
  4. naper
  5. gaiia
  6. miles
  7. chea
  8. dr0_vision

We hope to see you all there, and we want to thank you all again for helping gLeagues take off, and we hope to see you at the next ladder!

Donations can be sent to prizes@gleagues.com.

Link: icon_q3a gLeagues.com