The first week of The Promode League will officially kick-off this Saturday April 29, 2017, with a few games already scheduled, and rest almost ready. We have now released the full schedule, available below. Teams are welcome to schedule and play all their games as soon as possible.

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Europe -- Group A
  • 2 Genders vs. 2 Retards -- April, 29 @ 20:00 UTC icon_twitch
  • Sandels vs. Bald and Beautiful
Europe -- Group B
  • CZSK vs. Promode.RU
  • Okidoki vs. Team Spain
Americas -- Group C
  • MANGIERIS vs. GetServed -- April, 29 @ 20:00 UTC icon_twitch
  • fitemeIRL vs. ProMode Admins: -- April, 29 @ 22:00 UTC icon_twitch
Americas -- Group D
  • RuN vs. Trump Walls
  • Period vs. teotl
Europe -- Group A
  • 2 Genders vs. Sandels
  • 2 Retards vs. Bald and Beautiful
Europe -- Group B
  • CZSK vs Team Spain
  • Okidoki vs Promode.RU
Americas -- Group C
  • MANGIERIS vs. fitemeIRL
  • GetServed vs. ProMode Admins
Americas -- Group D
  • teotl vs. Trump Walls
  • Period vs. RuN
Europe -- Group A
  • 2 Genders vs. Bald and Beautiful
  • 2 Retards vs. Sandels
Europe -- Group B
  • CZSK vs. Okidoki
  • Promode.RU vs. Team Spain
Americas -- Group C
  • MANGIERIS vs. ProMode Admins
  • fitemeIRL vs. GetServed
Americas -- Group D
  • Period vs. Trump Walls
  • teotl vs. RuN


Europe - Group A

2 Genders vs. 2 Retards [ Bets ]
  • The case of the two teams that start with the number 2. The guys from 2 Genders are relatively new to CPMA, and I've seen them improve over the course of the past few months. if they've had to time to really grind out the maps, then they should be able to win at least one map in this series. In contrast, the 2 Retards crew are both wily vets of CPMA, with exceptional mechanical skills, even, if they are under-prepared, the sheer firepower available to them should see them win out all three games by fairly significant margins. -- xero.

  • Honestly, going to be a tough one to predict, we have some new generation EU players that can be quite tough versus two players who have been around for a while, although ahxnxa is probably quite rusty(haven’t seen him play in more than 5 months). I think 2 Retards will take a win, but it won’t be a complete stomp depending on how well the teams practice the new maps. Knowing ahxnxa, he might just be unpredictable and be quite the highlight of the match despite his rustiness. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: 2 Retards
neverGreen: 2 Retards
xero: 2 Retards > 2 Genders 3-0

Sandels vs. Bald & Beautiful [ Bets ]
  • This should be the match of the week, as we see gaiia pairing up with Finnish newcomer chrononaut, to face-off CPMA Promode old-timer sinbad, and movement maestro wh1te. I expect maps to be close for all three games, and BB* will need to find a way to either shut gaiia down completely, or minimize his impact as much as possible. They absolutely cannot afford to let him go on a Quad+stack rampage, especially on a brawling style map like The Hot Place. The Finns just need to do Finnish things, you know, hit everything that moves, and serendipitous-ly collect all the major items as they're running around on the maps. The other half of Sandels, chrononaut, will need to be effective in securing the right positions in preparation for major items, and avoid taking too much unnecessary damage. In the end I think Sandels will pull through if they come prepared, but I do expect BB* to take at least one map from the Finns. -- xero.

  • We have quite a couple of old time and decently experienced EU players. Sandels is definitely the favor to win, gaiia is just too strong, and chrononaut can definitely hold his own versus BB. Sandels has also been far more active in CPMA while sinbad and wh1te have been playing time to time as of recent in the last 2 months. If BB gets enough practice and the teamwork is strong enough, they can definitely make it a tough match, but I think gaiia will still overpower them…if he’s not drunk. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: Sandels
neverGreen: Sandels
xero: Sandels > BB* 2-1

Europe - Group B

CZSK vs. Promode.RU [ Bets ]
  • The first game in this group will see quite a heavy stylistic clash when it comes to CPMA. The guys from CZSK emphasize a heavy control style with exceptional knowledge of items on the maps, and their spawn times. Kimi has exceptional timing abilities, and neverGreen is another battle-tested Promode veteran with good aim, and movement. In opposition, Promode.RU will be coming in considerably less prepared and will rely on their heavy mechanical advantage to carry them through. They will need to limit, and disrupt CZSK as much as possible, and constantly targeting kimi may effectively knock off the "head" of their opponents. -- xero.

  • This is quite an interesting match-up, and it’s definitely a must-see, and possibly a must –stream game in my opinion. Kimi has grown quite strong in team modes, especially 2v2 as he has been digging it for a while now. His strong timing, coordination, and tactics is quite the advantage for him, and in combination with neverGreen who is a decently strong player, they can be quite the duo. It will definitely not be an “easy” match for Promode.RU I think, veliars is a strong player from what I seen or hear, but have yet to seen, the same goes for eThaD, both players have been around for a long time and are decently strong players. I have invaded the Russian communications and found this chat-log:
    • [7:22 AM] Kimi|AHK: Hoping to see veliars+ethad vs myT+naper
    • [7:23 AM] veliars: I would rather play santile+memphis or ahxnxa+light than these 2 noobs you mentioned
    That’s quite the statement. Overall, I think if neverGreen and Kimi practice enough, they just might be able to overpower them. But for now, favor is in Promode.RU. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: Promode.RU
neverGreen: Promode.RU
xero: Promode.RU > CZSK 2-1

okidoki vs. Team Spain [ Bets ]
  • okidoki lives! This might be the most surprsing team two long time Promoders from different continents teamed up to enter. There isn't much to be said about Smofo's aim, it's fucking good, the real challenge will be if he can keep the enemy from getting under his skin. Helping out Smofo, will be former CPMA Community Favourite, cxe, who's trying to redeem himself one final time before he retires. This team is quite an odd mix, but so long as cxe can support Smofo, his aim should be able to take over the game. However, if they fall into tiltland, you can except this one wrap up quite quickly.

    Team Spain will come with exceptionally gifted duel players. The real test will be if they have had any preparation on the maps, if yes, then they should come into this game as the heavy favoruite. If they show up not knowing the maps, it could get quite messy, but the ping factor should be enough to keep them competitive in the series. -- xero.

  • There are many strong veterans in this match-up. Smofo and cxe are CA pub-stompers and are naturally born fraggers. But I think the movement and tactics of santile and Memphis, on top being also being strong fraggers, is going to be what wins them the game. Memphis is definitely one of the top EU duelers, but he may be quite a bit rusty in CPMA and I have no idea how well he is in team modes. I don’t think this will be an easy match either for Team Spain, but the win is in their favor. I believe this will be a very strong and hard frag battle, but okidoki has been getting in some practice, so we just might see them overpower Team Spain. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: Team Spain
neverGreen: Team Spain
xero: Team Spain > okidoki 2-1

Americas - Group C

MANGIERIS vs. Get Served [ Bets ]
  • Two teams made up of players new to the game. This could actually be quite fun. After dueling atp, it's quite clear that his mechanical skill is going to be the best on the server, as the fiesty Argentinian player can hit hard. I'm not as familiar with his team mates, but MANGIERIS will need to play a very controlled game to build up a stack heavy enough to mitigate their ping disadvantage. On larger maps such as Left Behind, and Sanctum it is quite possible to build, and maintain a positional advantage so long as the map awarness is there. -- xero.

  • This will be hard to predict a bit. Atp is definitely a decently strong player, with only lag holding him back. I have no idea about his partner though as I never seen them play. P$ has proven to be quite a strong beginner from the Kirby Cup and has always been a duel partner to Arctic. Both of them have already had quite the connection with each other for a long while now, and with the ping advantage, I think it’d be a fair game. I think the team that practices the maps the most will have that much of an edge over their opponent for this one especially. Choosing a favored winner was not easy, but I’ll favor GetServed since I have at least seen their players actively play, with atp being the only one from MANGIERIS that I have seen play. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: GetServed
neverGreen: MANGIERIS
xero: Get Served > MANGIERIS 2-1

fitemeIRL vs. ProMode Admins [ Bets ]
  • I think this will be a definite win for ProMode Admins. Naper is definitely one of NA’s finest players and myT’s LG is a force to be reckoned with. Both players are fiercely strong in their own way. Hehateme1 has been out of the loop a bit, only playing quite a few times last couple months, and pan1c has returned a few months ago and has been derusting. But with naper and myT still in decent shape, and they have been practicing, I would say it’s a win for them. How easy will it be? I don’t know. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: ProMode Admins
neverGreen: ProMode Admins
xero: ProMode Admins > fitemeIRL 3-0

Americas - Group D

RuN vs. Trump Walls [ Bets ]
  • I haven’t seen any of RuN ever play, but I believe they definitely have some Quake experience. Xero seems to know them I think, so they definitely do have some sort of background. Meanwhile, Trump Walls is completely beginners, with kaskade being the newest one. Despite kaskade being the newest one, I have dueled him and he definitely has some aim in him, but it won’t be enough. I think if Trump Walls practices the maps enough and work on their coordination, they can definitely be on par with RuN. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: RuN
neverGreen: Trump Walls
xero: RuN > Trump Walls 3-0

Period vs. teotl [ Bets ]
  • Period has NA’s strongest players, gellehsak who has returned, and kwong. Just one of these players on a team is quite the power, but with both in combination, it is possible that they can be the best team in the whole league. Teotl consists of forest who has been very active in NA pickups, and kumo who has recently been playing too. Unfortunately, their experience and strength will not be able to match Period and they will need to practice the maps and their coordination nearly perfectly in order to be able to hold their own against the two fragging monsters of NA. The one advantage they will get to have is knowing the map if they do practice. -- Magikarp.
Magikarp: Period
neverGreen: Period
xero: Period > teotl 2-1

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