The guys over at Promode.RU have been quite busy hosting tournaments in various disciplines of CPMA in the past few months. Keeping up with this, they will also be hosting two events this weekend, the first of which will be Kenya Cup #5 on Saturday, followed a CTFS Draft Cup on Sunday.

  • Kenya Cup #5: Saturday April 15, 2017, with games starting at 16:00 UTC.
  • CTFS Draft Cup: Sunday April 16, 2017, with games starting at 16:00 UTC.

! Check-in for both events will start at 15:00 UTC.

Registration: Players can automatically register for both of these events by joining the Promode.RU discord sever at the prescribed check-in times, and checking-in via the bot.

They also also held community awards to distinguish organizers, participants, and streamers for their efforts.

  • Best Kenya Cup — Kenya Cup #2
  • President of Kenya — eThaD
  • Best Draft Tournament of the season — 2v2 TDM Draft
  • Best Captain — Lunokhod-2
  • Best FFA Format — With upper & lower brackets (FFA cup #3, #4, #5)
  • The Bloodiest Butcher — veliars
  • Disappointment of the season — phi
  • Rage of the season — veliars
  • Best PUB player of #promode_ru — kJ
  • Most Entertaining Player of the season — eThaD
  • Best Teamplay without mic — kJ
  • Best Teamplay with mic — Lunokhod-2
  • Best attacker in CTF/NTF — dNo (aka demidemoN)
  • Best flagdef in CTF/NTF — EKSelenc
  • Best highdef/mider in CTF/NTF — rus Lunokhod-2
  • Fed up with your lag/warp — alex-omsk
  • Heroic Elimination from the tournament — ofigen
  • Improving life on the channel — Everything is fine.
  • Best gaming content — FEVER by Ryan_H
  • Top admin/moderator of the season — boss

Links: icon_q3a CPMA Official Website, icon_discord Promode.RU Discord Server