Hi everyone, I'm pan1c and some of you might know me from CPMA. In that past year me and a friend have been working on a website where anyone can start and maintain their own tournaments or ladders in any game they like, and we're ready to launch! To celebrate this, on April 1, 2017 we'll be opening a Quake 3 CPMA ladder for Europe and North America with a 100 USD cash prize, and we might be interested in accepting donations for a larger pool.

Our website currently allows you to create and maintain your own ladders in whatever game you please, and if we don't offer the game at this moment we would be happy to add it. As a Quake player, I want to see this community live on, and with Quake Champions on the horizon I wanted to do something cool. So I'll be hosting this duel ladder and putting up the cash for the prize myself. Quake has been my home for many years, through many ups and downs, and I'd like to do whatever I can to see any iteration of it live on. So, without further ado, welcome to gLeagues.

For the first two to three weeks we'll run the ladder normally, any player can challenge any other player as long as they are within 300 points of one another. Following that, the top eight players will move on to the playoffs, at which point we will finish the ladder out in the normal cup/bracket format. If there is enough interest I will open donations for the prize pool, but as it stands right now only the winner and runner up will receive a cash prize.

The map pool for our duel ladder is as follows: cpm3a, cpm15, cpm22, evolution, eizdm4, and Hektik.

! Please note that cpm1a and cpm24 are optional tie-breaker/bonus maps, and will offer extra points if played depending on the week.

Register at our website. Join our Discord Server. Connect to our Steam Group. Finally, if you can, please send donations to prizes@gleagues.com!

  • pan1c
  • naper
  • xero

We hope you enjoy yourselves do lets keep this wonderful game, and this even better community thriving.

-- Love pan1c.