TourneyCPM is back with a bang, and our TourneyCPM's $1,000 Quake Reborn Series! (TCPM 1K Series) is here!

This event will consist of two concurrent Duel tournaments, 'TCPM 1k Series - EU Reborn' and 'TCPM 1k Series - NA Reborn'. Players may enter both tournaments. Sign-ups for both events will begin on 16:00 UTC, 01 Nov 2016, with the tournament beginning on 16:00 UTC, 02 Dec 2016.

Game: Quake 3 Arena
Mod: CPMA 1.48
Mode: 1v1
  • The entry-fee for each tournament is 5.00 CAD.
  • The Top 16 players from each tournament get their money back or more.
  • Players that register as Admins will be eligible to bypass the entry-fee.


The majority of the prize pool will be funded by TourneyCPM.
Our first sponsor, Wand Wars has contributed the bonus prize of 10 keys to Wand Wars. The Top 5 in each tournament will receive a key to the game!

I did not expect this but it seems some people will want to donate. Please message me when you donate to avoid confusion!. I would like to thank anyone who thought of donating, the kind gesture will not go unnoticed (Donation link)!
TCPM 1K Series -- North America Reborn 2016
  • Admin 1: TheMafia
  • Admin 2: lolograde
  • Admin 3: Open
TCPM 1K Series -- Europe Reborn 2016
  • Admin 1: TheMafia
  • Admin 2: Open
  • Admin 3: Open
* Admins play for free! Admins will help decide rules/maps/seeds. I hope to have a strong representation in Europe through the admins.

There will be a prize-pool of 500 CAD for each tournament, bringing the combined prize-pool of the two tournaments to 1,000 CAD. Both tournaments will be open to any international player, and all players can join both. Unless both players agree otherwise, the games will be played on their respective continent for home court advantage.

Since the last tournament I ran, long ago, I have always wanted to do a prestigious tournament with a 1,000 CAD prize-pool to show my appreciation for the unrelenting competitiveness that you guys have. Since finding 1,000 CAD to spare isn't always easy, I decided to force myself to run the tournament with a small entry fee to help with that prize-pool. I think the timing is right. I didn't want to wait any longer and miss out on all the current masters of Quake/CPMA.

The "Reborn" is not just a name, it is the goal of the series. I hope the prize pool and size of the tournament will be enough to see the return of some giants!

Tell all your quake friends and Good Luck and have fun!

Links: Official Announcement, icon_discord TourneyCPM Discord, icon_q3a Official CPMA Website
Streams: icon_twitch Th3Mafia
Sponsors: Moonradish