This cup is meant to bring together the top 8 NA Duelers to compete for a high-stakes UT community crowd-funded prize pool! Everyone is encouraged to take this opportunity to play against the best of the best and try to qualify. Three participants have auto-qualified through their previous ESL NA Cup wins. Qualifiers will be held July 30th, there are 5 slots available. The final series of the Top 8 North American Duelers will be played on August 13th. The top 4 will earn cash!

You can now sign up for the qualifier.

In addition to the ESL points that will be awarded to the winners, we have our first North American cash prize pool for a Duel Cup! Current Prize Pool is over $400! We also have a special donation from a community member, the winner will receive a custom pair of 'gamer shoes' to their liking. The split of the cash prize pool is:

icon_cup_gold 50%
icon_cup_silver 25%
icon_cup_bronze 15%
4th: 10%

Each event will be streamed by our ESL admins.

Good luck!