Time for the next predictions by Jerome (and eX vs iF by dev): correct predictions so far 10/10!


eXtinction vs insta Frenchies
eX result in the cup so far: Won against RTL; Won against Semprone
eX result in the qualifiers : 3 wins
insta Frenchies results in the cup so far: Won vs RTL
insta Frenchies results in the qualifiers : 2 Wins + 1 Loss
eX expected line up: impure, damien, id42, Solidsnake, serenity (nuke, immortal)
insta Frenchies expected line up: ACo-, JeRoMe, boNz, shut-, FrenchEmpire

iF had a tough game vs RTL with a 1-1 draw on sprinta before winning Klondike comfortably 4-0. As always iF will use Aco and Jerome in defence with the rest attack, while eX will use impure and Dam on defence with probably a rotating attack depending on the map.
I am expecting a close game here, with iF eliminating all the 2k4 maps and eX possibly eliminating Broken and klondike. The first cap is going to decide how this game unfolds. eX has the heavier frag power but iF have the potential to get some decent flag runs, especially with how quickly and early their defence pushes up. If eX take the lead i can’t see iF being able to push through the bolstered defence that will undoubtedly be put up. I can see eX breaking down a 3 man def from iF however, which is what we saw in the play in round. I think eX will take this game in 2, but it won't be easy.

Expected result
eX 2 - 0 iF


Sunday, 16/04/17 20:00h Dream Team vs Ride The Lightning
DT result in the cup so far: Won vs Semprone, Haven’t played Week 2
DT result in the qualifiers : 2 wins + one free win
RTL results in the cup so far: Lost vs eX, Lost vs iF
RTL results in the qualifiers: 2 wins + 1 loss
DT expected line up: Lw)f + dev, attack: loque prmx finalz (mys)
RTL expected line up: Nitro, Menzi, r3v0lt3, kaede, garuDa/Agentz

DT didn’t get the chance to play on the week 2 and they're striving for their second win in this cup. RTL will be their opponent for this 3rd week, and they will look to grab their first win after being defeated by iF on Klondike, Sprinta was played before and ended up in a draw.
Once again, the map pick will be crucial on this game, as RTL picked sprinta against iF and managed to hold the score with their effective strategy. Will they risk picking it against DT, which is, in my opinion, their best map? Or will they try to ban out the most played maps so they can cheese DT on a UT2004 map ? I believe DT is favorite on this match up but they will have to be very focused on their game, let's see if the break from week 2 can give us the first upset of the cup.

Expected result
DT 2 - 0 RTL


Sunday, 16/04/17 19:00h uKm vs «X»
uKm results in the cup so far: Won vs BnC, Haven’t played week 2
uKm results in the qualifiers : 2 wins + 1 loss
X results in the cup so far: Lost vs gibbed, lost vs Unreality
X results in the qualifiers : 1 win – 2 losses
uKm expected line up: KaaaBo0M eddi Pablo Molo eLop toadeeh
X expected lineup: Paa` iron AcidSlam SINGH CaSaKe

Just like DT, uKm didn’t play last week and are looking for their second win, against a team that played the last two weeks without success yet. X played command twice and got heavily beaten both time, probably they want to play a map where they can have more control like mesmerize or sprinta. The problem is that uKm is very good on them, but i believe that's a risk they should take.
uKm has another advantage with the fact that they have more players and can do rotation based on player’s performance depending of the maps picked.

This game should be close, but will eventually end up in a 2 mappers for uKm.

Expected result :
uKm 2 - 0 X


Sunday, 16/04/17 19:00h gibbed vs Unreality
gibbed results in the cup so far: won vs X
gibbed results in the qualifiers : 1 win – 2 losses
Unreality results in the cup so far: won vs X
Unreality results in the qualifiers : 1 Free Win, 1 Win, 1 Loss
gibbed expected line up: LoSaH, Soulja, babylano, baerkz, skandalouz
Unreality expected line up: Hatchet HoRRoR Special1 Brutality Yuna

This is going to be the match of the night. The winner of this game will have a serious advantage for the semi finale seeding. Both team defeated X, with almost the same caps difference on command. I would love to see it played against each other, but who is going to be brave enough ? I think Unreality is going to take this one if they can field Hatchet & Brutality at the same time. With the addition of special1, i think gibbed defence will have an insanely hard task to keep their flag in base, but they can do it with player such as babylano & LoSaH.

This could very well be the division 2 finale, but were lucky to see them earlier fight in groupstage. The pressure is on you guys!

Expected result:
Gibbed 1 - 2 Unreality


Sunday, 16/04/17 20:00h divine vs Original Gibbers
divine result in the cup so far: Won vs ClassicUT99, havent played week 2
divine results in the qualifiers : 1 win – 2 losses
OG result in the cup so far: Lost vs DmK, won vs GD
OG result in qualifier: 3 losses
divine expected line up: LuCKoR, LuNaTiK, Ste-V, ThraeX, tOx, Xorr
OG expected line up: Drenai, Leon, WeeDMaN, head-, Supsun

This game is going to be crucial for the ranking and the seeding for the playoff.
Both team won a game so far, and they're both looking for their second one. Can OG give divine their first defeat in the cup ? Let’s have a look at this matchup.
divine played against ClassicUT99, who are the outsiders of the cup, and they haven't played week2, it’s safe to say they haven't faced the cup pressure so far. On the other side we have OG who played a super close game vs DmK; that they lost, and won a super close game vs GD with a better outcome for them. It’s safe to say that they will be more used to the cup atmosphere and the strategy than divine. On paper, divine looks stronger with player like Xorr, tOx and Ste-V, but Supsun, Leon & WeeDMaN are definitely up to their level on a good day.
It’s going to be a very close game and might be the first prediction error in this cup so far, but i believe divine will take the win, maybe on the 3rd map!

Expected result:
divine 2 - 1 OG


Sunday, 16/04/17 20:00h Dreun Meer Konten vs GD
DmK result in the cup so far: Won vs OG, won vs ClassicUT99
DmK results in the qualifiers: 1 win – 2 losses
GD result in the cup so far: Lost vs divine
GD results in the qualifiers : 1 win – 2 losses
DmK expected line up: Bobski, Cyberb00ster ,U-GoD aka BennooB, Waterkater, Lunatrix
GD expected line up: Mutator, JT, FraY, Schindi, zups

DmK wants to keep up with awards on the Unreal Tournament series and are looking for the gold on their div. They started on the right path by winning against divine in a close battle, and then against ClassicUT99 in an easier matchup. A 3rd win against a direct contender would improve massively their chance for a #1 seed for an easier access to the finale. But they will face GD, who won’t give them any chance. They have the most active players of the community and practiced more than DmK as far as i know. DmK is stronger on the paper, and they proved it by winning their first 2 games. Maybe GD can surprise them with a pocket pick as i don’t see them beating DmK on a more “usual” map.

Expected result:
DmK 2 – 0 GD

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