It's time to give reflex racing the love it deserves, announcing the Reflex Racing Cups!
Community members htprankster and lolograde have announced the organisation of new tournaments
for icon_rflx Reflex Arena race mode.

There will be three kinds of tournaments :
  • Live Cup : A small and casual livestreamed tournament that last 3 rounds for 12 racers maximum. (rules)
  • Touring Cup : A monthly racing tournament based on skill tiers. (rules)
  • World Cup : In this format players can participate either as competitors or as mapmakers/testers. The former will have a limited time (6 days) to set a best time on completely new maps created and tested by the latter. This will repeat over multiple rounds depending on the number of submitted maps. For each round, competitors score points based on their time rankings over the map. (rules)

For now, the first round of the Reflex Racing World Cup 2018 has been announced :

First Round :
Registration closes on Saturday, June 2d, 2018 at 11:00 PM (UTC+0)
Please submit your maps to the staff by the end of this date.
All donations will go to the prize pool!

Links: Official website, icon_discord Discord server