The Custom Ruleset Duel Tournaments for each region : EU, NA, AU and JP have now been played. These were pretty successful in terms of participants and prize pools (with respect to the game's community of players), but also regarding the experimental gameplay. The feedback has been almost unanimously positive, and players are looking forward to this new ruleset being implemented in the upcoming version of the game.

Here are the podiums for each tournaments. Detailed results, VODS, etc. are available in the Event's page.

EU : icon_cup_goldRamagan icon_cup_silverKyto icon_cup_bronzeHyrveli

NA : icon_cup_goldDazedSpartan icon_cup_silverVigur icon_cup_bronzeKwong

AU : icon_cup_goldProfanum icon_cup_silverKricket icon_cup_bronzeDorinos

JP : icon_cup_goldFuglaa icon_cup_silverRadex icon_cup_bronzeChortas

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