The Reflex DP5 Masters Not-so-mini-cup is almost here, sporting a roster of 20+ names, big and small. For those unaware, the Masters Cup tournaments are hosted by user def and played on a single map at a time, and this time up is def's own original map Furnace, colloquially known as DP5.

This tournament will be played in a double-elimination BO1 format up until the semi-finals, where it will switch to BO3, and will further conclude in a double BO3 grand finals, with the winner's bracket finalist starting with a one game advantage (meaning the loser's bracket finalist will have to win two BO3's to win overall.)

The games will be streamed on the ArenaFPS twitch channel starting Friday at 17:00 UTC, and will be cast by GMT and Gilanguar. If you're interested in signing up, you may do so on the bracket's page, otherwise simply show up to the ArenaFPS stream to watch the show!

Source: Reflex Forum