Naturally, local servers with low-ping play are common too, but is there any sort of adjustment you need to make when shifting gear from remote to local play? Especially as you head to various tournaments and practise with various people?

Every time you travel to a different part of the world and play in queue against the people living there you can instantly notice the difference in regional playstyles. Being adaptable is the biggest skill any professional gamer can have, because you need to be able to adapt on the fly against opponents. At an international tournament you will be matched up against players from all different countries and regions who each have a different strategy and style which you’ll need to figure out to succeed. This is why you often find that certain players will be more effective against certain other styles of players, purely based off the stylistic match-up. So, I try to make my own style a mix of everything and have trained myself for many situations to be ready when I come up against something new. At least that's the hope!

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