GameTribe will be hosting the Quake Champions 2V2 Cup #2 on July 28, 2018 at 15:00 UTC. This event will use a double elimination format, and feature five maps.

The brackets are live now and the check in period will start one hour before the cup goes live. You can sign up via icon_challonge Challonge, and must join the icon_discord GameTribe Discord.

Map Pool: Blood Covenant, The Molten Falls, Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath, Awoken.

Prize Pool:
  • 1st: $160 USD
  • 2nd: $80 USD

  • Lower seed will pick first.
  • BO1: drop, drop drop drop, pick.
  • BO3: pick pick, drop drop, pick.
  • BO5: pick pick, pick pick, pick.
  • Winner Bracket: BO1 till the Quarter Final, BO3 WB Quarter Finals, BO3 WB Semi Finals, BO3 WB Final, BO5 Grand Final (there will be a 1 map advantage for the Winner Bracket finalist).
  • Lower Bracket: BO1 all matches (including LB Final).

Links: icon_challonge Challonge, icon_discord GameTribe Discord.