ESL announced the details of the next upcoming Quake Major LAN - QuakeCon 2018. This time, players will compete for a 200,000 USD prizepool in two disciplines - TDM 2v2 and Duel.

The largest part of the prizepool is assigned to TDM 2v2 mode - a total of 175,000 USD, the Champions will take home 60,000 USD. The tournament will start on the 10th of August with Double Elimination Qualifier Open Bracket where the top eight teams will go through to Day 2. The second day will be played in Single Elimination Bracket, all matches will be best-of-five, with a best-of-seven Grand Final. The rulebook also says there will be a new map in the mappool, along with other classic maps - Awoken, Tempest Shrine, Blood Run, Blood Covenant, Corrupted Keep and Ruins of Sarnath.

The Duel Tournament will be played in a best-of-one Single Elimination Bracket, which consists of the 16 players who managed to make it to TDM 2v2 Day 2. Players will occupy the opposite side of the bracket from their teammate, and only the winner will take the cash prize - 25,000 USD. The mappool for Duel Tournament will also include a new map.

According to the rulebook, the competition will also include a ban system for both TDM 2v2 and Duel modes. Players will be banning one champion from the match prior to the match start.

Plus Forward is looking forward to QuakeCon 2018 and it surely will be covered. Stay tuned!

Source: ESL