125 FPS will include a champion ban system for their upcoming Quake Champions Sunday Cup. This was announced yesterday by 125 FPS administrator, Nico_QD.

Champion bans will be reset before every map. The ban system will work by players selecting to ban a champion for their opponent e.g. if you ban Clutch for your opponent, you can still pick it unless your opponent bans it for you.

The player with a higher seed will select their opponent's banned champion first, after which the player with a lower seed make their choice. In a BO3 series, during the second and third map(s), the loser of the previous map will select the map, and the winner of the previous map will be awarded the first ban.

It's uncertain if they will continue to employ this system for all future tournaments, of if this will be a one-time experiment.

Source: ESReality.com