announced on their official site that Alexey “Cypher” Yanushevsky has joined them and will represent the organization at Quake World Championship. The official statement of says that "American and European teams showed an avid interest for Cypher, but he eventually chose in favor of, with which he has signed a year-long contract".

The contract’s fairly long duration will allow Alexey to feel confident and immerse himself fully in the game. We have signed one of the best players in the world and are now positive that we can maintain a serious and long-term presence in this discipline.
Roman Dvoryankin, General manager

The terms that offered me were definitely no worse than those of American teams. Besides, I wasn’t particularly eager to move; I wanted to stay in Minsk. I’m not going to make up any tales about being a lifelong fan, but I know this organization’s history well, and I like the way it’s developing.
Alexey “Cypher” Yanushevsky

Cypher has competed at QuakeCon several times in the past, and has consistently placed well. Recently, he won the first online Quake Champions duel tournament.