With regard to the upcoming ESL Qualifiers, the Quake Champions developers announced the second update patch within a week. The comparatively small update will require a three hours server maintenance: Servers will go down at 12:00 UTC, 28 Jun 2017 and will be back at approximately 15:00 UTC. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Fixed a performance issue that could occur when using Clutch’s active ability
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when using the Tri-bolt
  • Fixed a synchronization issue that could occur if a player stood on the head of another player

  • Minor updates for Clutch menu text
  • Fixed an issue where Corrupted Keep and Blood Run would be shown as the Default Map on the Scoreboard on non-Duel modes

  • Tri-bolt now receives the appropriate amount of ammo from each pickup
  • Armor absorption rate now set to 66%

  • Fixed an issue where a dead body could capture an Obelisk while lying in the capture zone

  • Made improvements to the Free Camera by removing Space and Crouch buttons, which hindered player movement
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator was able to view the Intro/Outro podium in Blood Covenant
  • Outlines are now red and white

Custom Game
  • Fixed an issue where players could unload from a match and have a different champion selected

These are the known issues that we're tracking with this update:
  • Rockets may sometimes penetrate Clutch’s shield.
  • Spectator settings differed from players and no editable keybinds are accessible.
  • Players can gain or lose score after the end of match victory or defeat has been declared.
  • Sacrifice souls can become temporarily stuck in walls for several seconds.
  • Bright white lights have been seen flashing on Nyx’s customization screen.
  • ‘Rocket Launcher God’ and ‘Nailgun God’ medals do not award XP.
  • Players are not awarded the ‘Dominating’ medal

Source: Bethesda.net