PC Power Play Magazine recently published a new interview with Tim Willits. From numerous topics covered in the interview, the most interesting ones are 120hz gameplay, offline play and mod support.

We've finally gotten an official statement on just what the hell does "optimized for 120hz" mean in all the promo material. It is client tick rate, the speed at which your game "thinks" according to Willits. Note that it isn't implied anywhere that the same tick rate will be used for servers as well, in fact it is completely unrelated to servers.

Tim Willits: Yeah, so it’s just the speed at which the client thinks and it helps for precision players. Most people are like, ‘Oh, what’s the difference?’ But when you’re one of the world’s best Quake players, you want your game to react as fast to you as you possibly can.

The game will also feature an offline mode for training purposes of sorts. As far as beta is concerned, the training features will be pretty basic, just to "make sure that you can at least run around a little bit before you get totally shot up". Unfortunately for the new players in beta, the more advanced features are to come after the game is shipped.

Tim Willits: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have a pretty straightforward… at launch, we’ll have… of course we have the ability videos that are in the game now, and we’ll have kind of a, I don’t want to call it a training mode, but we’ll have some kind of a system that allows you to get your feet a little wet, and then we’ll incorporate new training features as we move out. But it is important for us, but we will continually add more, for lack of a better word, training features even after launch. But we’ll make sure that you can at least run around a little bit before you get totally shot up. But more advanced features will come online after we ship.

On to probably most exciting part of the interview for all old Quakers - mod support. Willits is aware of mod importance, but until id figure out how to blend it in with their business model it's not going to happen. The possibility is certainly there but it's not going to be something we see in Quake Champions anytime soon.

Tim Willits: Yes, yes, yes, that is another good question. At launch, and when I say the word ‘launch’, because it’s more of a game as a service type game, our launch is hopefully many years of new stuff coming online, but we won’t have mod support when we go out the door initially. It is important for us, but we have to balance security. We have to balance our business model. We have to balance how we approve these mods or new levels or whatnot and get them into the game.

Source: PC Power Play