After two weeks of closed beta tests, we finally have a gameplay "leak" to show for it. Of course, it's not an actual leak and it doesn't show much that hasn't already been made publicly available by id Software. One of the details that we didn't know previously, and certainly a major one, is Rail Gun damage. While normal, un-zoomed, RG does 80 damage per hit, when you zoom it in you do additional 20 more, bringing it to a Quake 3 value of 100 damage per hit. Combined with what we know from before about the champions, it seems that some of them will be railable off the spawn.

youtube preview
IGN's gameplay video

The video also showed some cosmetic customization, like Ranger wearing Shambler's head as a trophy, Rocket Launcher having a QuakeWorld skin and being centered on the screen, Machinegun skin from Quake 3 and Quake 4 Lightning Gun skin. Both Galena and Nyx champions are shown sporting wings, with Galena's being demonic and Nyx's being angelic so that's definitely another type of customization available. Speaking of QW RL skin, it being centered is making me believe that each weapon and it's variation will have fixed position on the screen. Therefore, I feel like it's time to say goodbye to gunX and gunY options, along with bright skins.

Thanks to good people at IGN, we also get a look at Sorlag before id officially release her. Hopefully for IGN they won't get banned off the future game coverage for doing the community a favor and one-upping the developers.

So what we can learn about Sorlag is that she starts the game with 150 health and 50 armor, thus making her one of the beefiest champion released so far. She's of the same base speed as Scalebearer, 270ups, but one can wonder what is the bunny icon for in the passives section. Perhaps it's bunny hopping? If so, it makes her the second champion in the game to be able to cruise through the air. The second passive ability's icon suggest it's shield from acid damage. It's unknown if it gives her full invulnerability to acid or just damage reduction. Last, and not the least, her active ability is called "ACID SPIT" which should be pretty much self explanatory.

ImageSorlag revealed

Things we learned, the tl;dr version:
  • Zoomed RG shot does 100 damage
  • Death on spawn a possibility
  • Various cosmetic improvements to weapons and champions
  • Three different currencies
  • Sorlag stats & abilities revealed
Sources: IGN look at QC, IGN gameplay video