Hey guys, was asked to post this:
Hello everyone, its me Lotzy and I'm in the process of making my new movie, but I suddenly realized that I don't have enough material to finish. I will need some help from the community, and by "help" I mean your demos with some solid content. If you are ready to share some, feel free to send them right to trek.ru@yandex.ru.

That's it guys. If you have any questions you can ask me straight on Discord (on CPMA and QLRU Pickup Channels) or send me an email. Please read the criteria, and check some of my recent work below.

Please remember to follow these criteria:
  1. The game can be either Quake live or Quake 3.
  2. Modes such as: duel, ctf, tdm are welcome.
  3. It can be any type of physics i.e VQL, PQL, VQ3, CPM.
  4. Bake sure that the name of the file contains: your nickname, map and the time of the frag e.g. player-aerowalk-4:20.
youtube preview

Panda by Lotzy

E-mail: trek.ru@yandex.ru