The regular donator of the 125 FPS tournaments Alexey A stopped his donations this month. The next season will be entirely funded by the other donators. This was announced by Nico (administrator of the series) on the official 125 FPS website, and also on

The reasons haven't been reported. However, Alexey A didn't exclude the possibility to donate again in the future.

Alexey A has been funding the 125 FPS tournaments since February 11th 2013 and since then he has invested more than 1,000,000 rubles in the support of Quake Live. The 125 FPS itself came into existence in April 2012, with the holding of Daily Cups (and Monthly Finals).

Nico confirmed that the tournaments will be held further, but starting from the next season (September-October), the prize pool will be reduced. You can support 125 FPS by donating via PayPal.

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