Starting at 12:00 UTC today, the Overwatch XTRA Cup will see its final games played in Paris.

In the Winner Brackets Final, Grand Danois is facing The Chavs. Right after this game, the Loser Brackets Round 9, between Team Dignitas and Movistar Riders, will see the first team to get eliminated.

I'll be at the Glory4Gamers studio to catch the players on camera and for a couples interviews. Meanwhile, if you can read French, MyTF1 already posted short interviews with the 4 teams: Grand Danois - The Chavs - Movistar Riders - Dignitas

The official Brackets can be found at and the live stream should be available from

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures.

- 14h45: The first games just finished and saw the victory of The Chavs over Grand Danois 2-0. The games are played over internet on 60Hz monitors and some players have complained about spikes and high pings. Everything else seems fine though. Glory4gamers should be uploading some pictures of the event on their facebook. And some video interviews are going to get posted on YouTube.

- 15h30: An interview with Lind is available.

- 16h45: The road ends here for Movistar Riders who just got defeated 2-1 by Team Dignitas. Grand Danois is now setting up for the Loser Brackets Final against Dignitas.

- 17h00: Kirby will release YouTube video interviews on his channel later on.

- 18h15: Added a few more pictures from the Grand Danois. The failing pictures were rotated back to normal. The Grand Final is about to start now, The Chavs gets a 1-0 advantage because they come from the Winner Brackets. They are facing Dignitas in the last match of the event.

- 20h00: After the Grand Final, most teams rushed out and I didn't get a chance for another interview. The second and last one with was CWoosh from Movistar Riders.