The first group matches of the MLG Vegas Overwatch Invitational are starting tonight, Friday 16th December, while the competition will be played until the 18th.
Here is the breakdown for the 100,000 USD total cash prize:
    1st place: 40,000 USD
    2nd place: 20,000 USD
    3rd/4th place: 12,000 USD
    5th-6th place: 5,000 USD
    7th-8th place: 3,000 USD

Eight teams were invited for the competition: Note: The World rankings are home-made and include a fair share of approximations. Also, the flags represent the rosters, not the organizations.

The tournament will be played through a "Double Elimination Group Stage" (bo3) and a Single brackets. The top2 teams from each group will meet in bo5 Semi Finals and the Final will be played as best of 7.
The matches will be played as following:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Naturally, everything will be streamed on the MLG Live Portal and on MLG's YouTube. And for all the results and information, you can have a look at the MLG Vegas event information portal.