The recent weeks saw a big lack of reborn shows since James "2GD" Harding, the project lead, was busy earning a living and attending a non Arena FPS related tournament. ;)

But he is finally back to once again give us all the latest updates on icon_dbtcl Diabotical!

  • New concept art for the railgun. James sounded optimistic that a first prototype of the weapon will already be in the game for next weeks show.
  • The Team did some first tests for textures in the game with a brownish brick texture covered in randomly generated decals for detailing.
  • A more detailed wall texture was also shown (see screenshots below).
  • A first static in-game model for the teleporter was shown.
  • They did some test mock ups for sponsored Eggbot skins and created among others one with the Team Dignitas logo since it seemed fitting.
  • James talked about abilities in the form of items that can be picked up but which are not supposed to guarantee frags just by having them. As an example he mentioned an ability he called "Swap" which when used while looking at another player switches your position with that of the opponents and vice versa. He also talked about different abilities being more geared towards 1v1 game types as opposed to team modes with multiple players. He also welcomes any ideas for such little abilities and would be happy to receive them by e-mail at
  • He also mentioned again that the kickstarter was supposed to have come earlier this year already but he will not risk doing it until the game is in a more polished state.

The full recording of the show can be found in our VOD section.

Links: VOD, icon_dbtcl Official Site/Forums