Once again, the great Leshaka, along with the magnificent P4r7y_m4k3r, will be hosting the New Year Holiday Duel Cup this year on Sunday Dec. 30, 2018 starting at 17:00 UTC. Check-in will start 1 hour prior to the tournament start time.

Register: Players must icon_discord join the CPMA Discord Server and message @Magikarp#1497 on Discord to be given the participant role and be added to the cup.

The map pool will be: oxodm108a_b2, plduel3, pm24_b2, pm2076_b11, and sodab6. If you do not have these maps, then you can download the map pack here.

Prize Pool:
  • icon_cup_gold 40 USD
  • icon_cup_silver 20 USD
  • icon_cup_bronze 10 USD

Links: icon_discord CPMA Discord Server, icon_cpma CPMA Offical Website, icon_challonge Bracket, icon_twitch Stream